GF Baking Blends is a division of Café King Ltd, a Christchurch based company manufacturing and distributing non-coffee powdered drinks for café and home use.  We specialise in Chai latte, hot chocolate and alternative latte mixes. Bronwen, one of the directors, is severely gluten intolerant, leading to the development of this product range.  All products are manufactured with the utmost care, in a totally gluten free environment. 

A note from Bronwen

Gluten Free Baking Blends have been hand created by Nutritionist and Chef Bronwen King, in Canterbury New Zealand.

For too long I’ve had to manage my gluten intolerance with supermarket options. The cost, taste and long ingredient lists got me convinced there needed to be a better home made alternative.

As a ex TV qualified chef and nutritionist, I was in the perfect position to create a gluten-free baking mixes that ticked all my boxes. Designed primarily for oven baking, but suitable for many bread makers these require no fancy ingredients and minimal preparation.

We are proud of our blends. Try them for yourself and let us know what you think.