Baking gluten free has never been easier

Our top selling gluten free baking mixes are nutritionally dense | high in protein | vegan friendly | no added preservatives or other nasty ingredients | real bread taste!

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"Making my family Gluten Free bread at home is so easy now!"
- Rebecca

A note from Bronwen

For too long I had to manage my gluten intolerance with supermarket options.  The cost, taste and long ingredient lists convinced me that there had to be a better homemade alternative.

As a gluten intolerant qualified chef and Nutritionist, I was in the perfect position to create gluten-free bread blends that ticked all my boxes. Lockdown gave me the opportunity to perfect and extend the recipes we offer you today.

With 3 bread options and a muffin mix to choose from, we are proud of our blends

Try them yourself and let us know what you think!

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    "So simple and satisfying to make and yummy to eat. Crusty, full of flavour and that fresh bread slightly yeasty taste. I don’t feel like I’m missing out by being gluten free. And the best thing is knowing it has healthy ingredients - nothing ultra-processed like in most ordinary and gluten free commercial breads."
    - Ali

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    "I've always been scared of baking with yeast but this is so easy!"

    - Rebecca

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    "First time making any type of bread and it was so easy! The instructions were simple to follow. This is a fool-proof recipe and everyone loved the taste! I will recommend this to anyone!"
    - Victoria